Enjoy a virtual tour to whet your appetite before visiting the real museums and historical sites in Kittitas County! Check out the photos below (click the “SL” button for a slideshow, or the “FS” button for a full screen view) or visit our Video Page here.

Tour of Sites

[img src=]7150
[img src=]2450
[img src=]2440
[img src=]2350
[img src=]2510
[img src=]2290
[img src=]2380Carpenter House - outside
Cle Elum, WA
[img src=]1920Carpenter House - inside
Cle Elum, WA
[img src=]1800
[img src=]1780
[img src=]2000
[img src=]1830
[img src=]1800
[img src=]1790
[img src=]1660
[img src=]1710
[img src=]1590
[img src=]1640
[img src=]1610
[img src=]1390

Individual Images

(Click a specific image to see larger version of that particular photo.)

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